Absentee Management

The Horizon Absentee Management philosophy is simple; we aim to keep employees healthy, fit and productive at work by employing prevention, early intervention, and as medically appropriate, keeping employees working. We combine our knowledge of the job and the worker to identify red flags in health and safety procedures and employee behaviour, take appropriate medical steps to facilitate treatment, and help the employee return to work quickly and safely.

By working collaboratively with our clients and their employees, we promote a multi-faceted approach to health and absentee management across all stakeholders. We execute all interactions utilizing our three main principals: Firm, Fair & Friendly.

With each customized program, we work with our clients to build a culture of prevention and employee accountability that keeps client workforces both healthy and productive. Horizon programs are proven to lower absentee rates and increase employee productivity on the job by strategically implementing pre-employment medicals, job specific injury and mental wellness prevention plans, prevention education, periodic fitness to work assessment, and early injury intervention. In the end, a strong absentee management program decreases corporate costs and increases workforce productivity.

Each of our absentee management programs follows the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reporting requirements when dealing with illness/injury, and utilizes Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) as a return to work model.

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