Alcohol & Drug Testing

By providing alcohol and drug testing to maximize our clients’ safety investment, we play a key role in helping ensure a safe work environment for individuals, their co-workers, and the public. Our drug testing programs, where applicable, mirrors the US Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines on drug testing. DOT guidelines represent the industry standard for utilizing the resources of certified collectors, labs, and Medical Review Officers (MROs), as well as incorporating appropriate referrals to Substance Abuse Professionals. However, if industry regulations allow, we are also able to provide your organization a cost effective solution with non-DOT testing.

Our MROs have extensive experience in consulting on drug and alcohol testing programs to meet organizational and regulatory needs. Our technicians are professionally certified and adhere to the highest standards in the industry with regards to the private and confidential nature of the testing. We have in-house DOT and non-DOT trainers to continually recertify our staff as well as in-house certified MROs for program oversight, confirmation of positive results and quality assurance. Our staff are all trained and certified in the testing modality used.

Through our certified collectors, we can provide point of contact testing (POCT), lab-based drug screening, as well as breath alcohol screening services. If we encounter a ‘non-negative’ POCT test, we have medical review officer assistants (MRO-A) that are well-versed in procedures as well as MROs to conduct investigations into non-negative results while overseeing the entire process.

Based on Horizon’s experience with large corporations, public and private, we understand that most operators require an onsite drug ‘quick’ test with non-negative results going to the lab for confirmation testing. A breath alcohol test is also usually required. Our in-house DOT Certified Drug and Alcohol Trainers are able to provide drug and alcohol collection training to appropriate staff, or we are able to provide on-site medical support to perform on-site collections whether random on post-incident.

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