Disability Case Management

At Horizon we employ occupational health nurses experienced in providing disability management, rehabilitation and return-to-work planning services. Our nurses provide thorough disability management assessments, claims adjudication, and facilitation of customized return to work plans that are guaranteed to be within the parameters of your organizations modified work and case management corporate goals. Our disability case managers utilize Reeds Disability Management Guidelines and Occupational Disability Guidelines to support our practice.

Our case managers work diligently to develop return to work plans that are medically suitable given the nature of each individual injury/illness. We communicate with the employee, his or her treating practitioners, supervisors/management, as well as the owner’s personnel (EHS and incident investigation personnel) in order to ensure the plan is manageable for all parties involved and to assure the best possible outcome. Each assigned case manager will regularly re-evaluate the employee’s progress with the goal of returning the employee to regular duties as soon as is medically possible.

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