Personal Injury Prevention Plans

Horizon Personal Injury Prevention Plans (PIPP) highlight relevant ergonomic concerns specific to the worker and involving human factors risk including injury and illness. Approaches specific to the occupation and individual are included in both the education and counselling aspects of our PIPP programs.

Each PIPP starts with a detailed analysis of the physical job functions required of the worker. Physical aspects that range from prolonged standing, sitting and walking, to lifting, carrying and even cognitive and mental strains are identified. Using the data gathered during the initial job functions analysis, our team of professional detail a list of conditions that a worker in that job function could be at risk of suffering.

Following the identification of job specific risks, we work with the client to develop injury prevention controls and job function modifications that will mitigate risk and ultimately protect the worker’s health and safety on the job. We provide workers with occupationally specific controls such as task rotation, proper rest intervals, flexibility, proper nutrition and correct body position that they can employ while working.

Throughout the exploratory and counseling phases of PIPP programs, both kinesiologists and physiotherapists are utilized.

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