Health Risk Prevention Programs

Commonly known as “Wellness Programs” in the industry, we refer to our suit of services as Health Risk Prevention Programs because we work with our clients to ensure health risks are identified and managed immediately to avoid any future or long term health problems. Our philosophy is simple; employee health risk prevention should be an integral part of the organization’s health and safety culture, rather than a separate stand-alone initiative.

An employee’s health has a direct impact on their ability to perform their job tasks safely and supports low turnover rates or the need for replacement staff; another way of ensuring safety compliance is maintained.

Our Approach

We believe in a multi-faceted approach to health risk prevention that supports the worker’s health journey and allows them to enter into the program in a way that makes them feel comfortable. We utilize a variety of tactics to gain the worker’s mindshare. As our research indicates, a worker is most likely to engage in health related initiatives if they have multiple entry points into the program. From one on one nutrition counselling to educational seminars to bonafide job requirements, our team will work with you to support change in a variety of ways.

Our programs are designed to affect change through initiatives that coach the worker directly, that support the occupation in general and that makes changes to the workplace environment. We ensure ROI for the organization is achieved through three key stages; audit, improve and measure.

The Value of Health Risk Prevention Programs

Horizon believes that a health risk prevention program has a strategic value for any organization as it supports a comprehensive approach to worker safety and productivity.  The impact of promoting a culture of wellness through health and safety programs has positive residual effects throughout the company and will affect the organization’s bottom line in a variety of ways.  An unhealthy worker can have direct and indirect costs to the organization, making it increasingly important to support the workforce in making positive impactful changes to their lifestyle.

Measurable Results

Our programs have been designed in accordance with our in depth scientific research in heavy industry work populations.  These programs have shown measurable ROI and improved safety performance as well as health outcomes related to long term disability, illness and injury.  These outcomes have resulted in our services being endorsed and validated by the scientific community and industry regulators.  Our researchers have taken part in notable studies in response to industrial disasters such as the Wells Inquiry and the Grand Banks Case Study.

Our goal is to support your organization in shifting the corporate culture to integrate health in all day-to-day activities.

Biometric Screening & Health Risk Assessments

The Horizon health risk assessments (HRA) and biometric screenings identify specific health risk factors that empower employees to develop skills needed to make lasting lifestyle changes and take a proactive step towards optimal health. As opposed to many “know your numbers testing” which provide less sensitive data measured by non-medically certified individuals, Horizon provides clients with expert medical support and accurate interpretations via highly sensitive and specific tests.

Biometric Screening

Horizon biometric screenings are an effective method in identifying both broad based health risks for employee populations, and health risks for individual employees due to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. Our screening programs provide the necessary information and data to utilize intervention strategies and preventive measures to reduce or mitigate risk. Regular tracking of risk factors such as cholesterol, blood sugars, blood pressure and triglycerides is an important part of worker health.

All of these values are stored for the employee on their personal landing page of our secure server where they can access plans or their results at any time.

Biometric testing includes:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Waist circumference (abdominal girth)
  • Fasting glucose/blood sugar (the amount of sugar in the blood)
  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL and LDL cholesterol level
  • Triglyceride level (the amount of fatty acids in the blood)

Health Risks Assessments

Horizon health risk assessments (HRAs) provide insights for both the employee and the organization as to health and lifestyle risks associated with illness, injury and quality of life. The health risk assessments used by Horizon are validated questionnaires which have shown sensitive and specific predictions of health risks relevant to wellness programming and employee long term health.

Health risk assessments are used to determine the likelihood of:

  • Metabolic disease
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mental health
  • Cancer risk
  • Men’s and women’s health issues
  • Digestive disorders
  • Obesity related conditions

These questionnaires can be facilitated with large populations of employees where more intensive assessment may not be viable. HRAs are also a powerful tool for measuring all employees when differing levels of assessment are provided to subgroups such as executives or specific high risk employees.

Nutrition Coaching

As part of our nutrition coaching program, Horizon’s Registered Dietitians (RDs) visit client locations to work directly with the employer and their workforce. During these visits, Horizon RDs will audit kitchens and snack stations, update branding and signage, work one on one with employees to develop educational material, and train galley and catering team members on completing audits on healthy options on the food lines in locations which provide food to crews.

Our Registered Dietitians use their knowledge and skills in food and nutrition to promote good health across client workforces. They are health care professionals who have earned a Bachelor’s degree specializing in food and nutrition and have completed supervised practical training through a university program, an approved hospital or community setting. RDs are accountable to provincial regulatory bodies for their professional conduct and the care they provide.

Our RDs leverage our comprehensive database of nutrition resources along with their extensive knowledge of food science to provide realistic and effective plans for employees. Workers can receive individual nutrition coaching using technology to provide comprehensive plans that fit real life challenges no matter where the worker is located.

In addition to developing customized nutrition coaching programs, we can also implement communication plans to help drive employee engagement and participation.

Other healthy eating and nutrition services include:

  • Individualized nutrition consulting
  • Employee nutrition seminars
  • Nutrition-focused corporate wellness contests

Exercise Plans

We understand that becoming fit is a very personal endeavor and therefore our kinesiologists can help workers by creating individual exercise plans suitable to their own specific goals.  Workers are provided with coaching and education on how to reduce injury or work with current injuries.

Online Wellness Portal

We will ensure your employees are kept engaged with our online health portal which provides access to their workouts/stretching programs, nutrition plans, health risk information and monthly education campaigns. With our online wellness portal, our clients’ see trends and risks in their employee population and they are then able to provide targeted, preventative solutions and programs. It is an all-in-one, personalized health solution that empowers employees to be proactive, including:

  • Real-time health assessments
  • Medical document storage
  • Connection to health apps & devices
  • Tracking medications, appointments & goals
  • Proactive health tips & reminders
  • Complete privacy & security

Job Demands Analysis

Job Demand Analysis (JDAs) can be completed for a range of occupations from physical to sedentary jobs. Each occupation faces specific physical and ergonomic challenges including forceful exertions, awkward or static postures, and high rates of repetitive movement to name a few. Our expert kinesiologists assess the workstation design, job design, equipment and tools, manual material handling, environmental factors, work organization and individual factors which may be contributing to the risk of muscular skeletal injury.

Personal Injury Prevention Plans

Horizon Personal Injury Prevention Plans (PIPP) highlight relevant ergonomic concerns specific to the worker and involving human risk factors including injury and illness. Approaches specific to the occupation and individual are included in both the education and counselling aspects of our PIPP programs.

Each PIPP starts with a detailed analysis of the physical job functions required of the worker. Physical aspects that range from prolonged standing, sitting and walking, to lifting, carrying and even cognitive and mental strains are identified. Using the data gathered during the initial job functions analysis, our team of professional detail a list of conditions that a worker in that job function could be at risk of suffering.

Following the identification of job specific risks, we work with the client to develop injury prevention controls and job function modifications that will mitigate risk and ultimately protect the worker’s health and safety on the job.  We provide workers with occupationally specific controls such as task rotation, proper rest intervals, flexibility, proper nutrition and correct body position that they can employ while working.

Throughout the exploratory and counseling phases of PIPP programs, both kinesiologists and physiotherapists are utilized.

Fitness for Duty

Each job in an organization has specific functional requirements that a worker must be able to complete on the job. We understand these job specific requirements in our client industries and have developed pre-employment and return to work testing to ensure that workers are fit for their specific job. Not only will you identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job, fitness for duty assessments review the worker physical capacity and risk of injury before they begin employment.

Through our fitness for duty programs, workers are tested in an environment very similar to the one they will be working in. They are tested by trained medical assessors who know the jobs and use equipment similar to what is used in the industrial environment. We educate individuals throughout the testing process by teaching warm-ups and body mechanics depending upon the protocol chosen by the client.

We will provide a kinesiological functional assessment analysis for each worker in the program, identifying the problem and provide recommendations on how to improve on the results they have received. During the testing, we can also certify all individuals on manual handling training.

Horizon proprietary tablet software allows for instant data recording on up to 3 individuals with a single tablet. This instant capture allows for detailed reporting without recall bias following the testing. Furthermore, due to the work simulation aspect of the testing, comments regarding fatigue and modifications of the work task can be recorded as the worker progresses through the testing. Reports are stored on our secure server for real time access if required by the client

Educational Workshops

At Horizon we have years of experience providing our clients with a variety of educational workshops. Presentations have been developed by PhD’s in medicine, Registered Dietitians, Certified Athletic Therapists/Physical Therapists, Kinesiologists, elite athletes, and personal trainers. We deliver relevant educational content, often customized, in order to educate client workforces on healthy living as well as health and safety in the workplace.

Presentations are customized based on the group size, length of time allotted, and goals of the client. They are also complimented with take home educational newsletters corresponding to the topic.

Some commonly requested topics and presentations include:

Wellness Topics

  • Nutrition
  • Variety of topics from our Dietitian or researchers
  • Exercise
  • Summer health tips
  • Holiday survival tips
  • Running training (tele-ten)
  • Foam rolling

Medical Topics

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Men’s and women’s health
  • Healthy aging

Safety Topics

  • Back health
  • Strains and sprains
  • Stretching in the workplace
  • Ergonomics
  • Fatigue management
  • Lifting safety
  • Personal safety triad
  • Behavioural based safety

Warm Up Programs

Horizon has facilitated warm-up programs for client organizations from a range of industries. These warm-ups are designed based on proven scientific principles and accommodate for the short period of time workers have available during their work day. Warm-ups are designed based upon job position and can be catered specifically to the individual if they have injuries or issues related to mobility.

Horizon researchers are subject matter experts who have been published in peer reviewed journals for research in stretching and our warm up program methodologies are based on this same scientific research. We have experience in creating industry and job specific approaches based on job demands analyses.

Horizon is able to customize warm-up programs to each worker position. Individual programs and stretches can be assigned online, are accessible to workers at any time, and address worker flexibility both pre-during and post shift.

Our toolbox of warm up programs includes:

  • Stretching video and presentation
  • Stretching cards (4 phases) for pocket reference
  • Stretching posters for handover areas
  • Newsletter on stretching
  • Human factors cards
  • In room workout posters
  • Foam rolling
  • Active stretching
  • Static stretching

Bonafide Job Requirements & Pre-employment Standards

In order for fitness for duty testing (PES) to be considered legally ‘bona fide’, they must accurately represent critical/essential and physically demanding requirements of a job role. This requirement is made apparent by anti-discrimination legislations that indicate employment standards must be scientifically valid to prevent unfair employment-related discrimination. Legal criteria compel researchers and employers to ensure that the standards are criterion-based and validly linked to the critical life threatening physically demanding tasks of the occupation.

In developing Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFOR), we work closely with clients to determine the physical and cognitive demands and risks of specific occupations and isolate the critical/essential tasks.  The BFOR is then used to develop pre-employment functional screens whereby candidates are physically tested and measured to ensure they can safely perform the physical demands of their job. Our innovative task demand assessment approach ensures that the physical testing of candidates meets the specific demands of every job and the eventual development of a new BFOR for their industry.

Horizon has created a new and innovative method to empirically develop strong pre-employment BFORs for its clients to help them become industries leaders in health and safety by providing best practices for the high-risk occupations.

Ergonomic Assessments

Horizon provides professional ergonomic assessments and education to our client organizations and their employees. These assessments include the adjustment of the workstation for the individual, as well as education for individuals on how to adjust their own work station. We believe in educating the employee about the proper adjustment of their work station because over time, workstations can deteriorate and lead to the re-emergence of musculoskeletal risk factors.

When required, we provide individuals with an ergonomic workbook containing stretches which can be performed at the desk. We can also provide training on keyboard shortcuts and simple guidelines for adjusting various desk components such as the monitor, chair and keyboard for optimal use. Every one of our assessment and educational services are available to clients in remote sites, corporate offices, stations and personnel on patrol if needed.

Ergonomic Assessment Process

First, our Horizon kinesiologists or occupational therapists facilitate the ergonomic assessments and education. Following the evaluation, ergonomic reports are provided to the client. Ergonomic concerns are first addressed by making recommended adjustments to the equipment currently at the desk and if special equipment is required, that need is highlighted in the assessment report.

Ergonomic Training and Education Seminars

Through training and education seminars, the Horizon team of professionals educate our clients’ workforce on the importance of ergonomics. This training is conducted by a certified kinesiologist or occupational therapist who brings client employees through a demonstration to teach them how to properly conduct an ergonomic assessment including training on how to set up the work station and the various aspects on ergonomic setup.

Other Ergonomic and Injury Preventions Services

In addition to our ergonomic assessments and education, we provide a broad range of injury prevention services. These services are based on provided or developed job demands analysis information that’s used to highlight relevant ergonomic concerns specific to the worker and the environment.

Galley/Cafeteria Training

The Horizon galley/cafeteria nutrition education training was developed, with the support of our Registered Dietitians, to educate and coach clients’ food service teams on the theory and delivery of proper nutrition as it relates to fuelling the needs of their workforce. The training includes all the materials galley members need in order to provide healthy food choices during meal and snack times including:

  • Guided instruction by Horizon personnel
  • Workbooks and videos for all food team members
  • Recipe books for all food team members
  • Signage to educate workers
  • Certificates of completion

Our entire training program and the associated materials were developed in collaboration with food service companies. The training offers applicable solutions even to issues specific to remote environments and large crews.

By understanding the needs of the workforce, galley/cafeteria teams can:

  • Create healthy meals for a large number of crew
  • Balance nutrients necessary for recovery in various occupations
  • Focus on food preparation with health risks of workers in mind
  • Maintain food budgets while still providing healthy, tasty options

After years of working towards the improvement of gally/cafeteria menus, our specialists have developed a colour coding system for gally/cafeteria menus so that workers can more easily maintain a diet and meal plan that will support healthy lifestyle changes.

On-site Health Professionals

In order to ensure ease of program delivery, Horizon has the ability to send health professionals on-site.  This allows workers to receive support from kinesiologists, dieticians and even physiotherapists.  By ensuring our staff is available to go to your site, we provide additional support to your team when needed.

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