On-site Service Delivery

Many of our clients require medical services at their location, whether managing their on-site clinic or complete set up of healthcare services on a remote work site. We can provide a complete on-site medical clinic solution for your organization, from design through to procurement and set up, to staffing and operation. We provide all the necessary medical equipment, medications and supplies, on-site medical staff, telemedicine support, written medical directives to support the medical staff, occupational physician support for on-site staff, medical oversight and chart review, and software to run the clinic.

Remote Operations

With our many years of experience, Horizon remote operations teams are equipped with the unique skills required to operate in harsh environments. Unmatched by any other provider in the industry, our staff has the tools, specific medical training, and background experience necessary to succeed in remote locations. Our on-site services allow us to be available and ready to clients in areas where our services are needed. With professionals experienced in mobile and on-site work, we are able to quickly and effectively meet clients’ occupational needs, no matter where that may be.

Our experienced and skilled staff have emergency room backgrounds to handle these difficult situations and are prepared to treat the emergencies until transportation can be arranged. Each of our sites has unique challenges with its remoteness. These unique factors may include being physically isolated on land or water; extreme weather; challenging transportation; daytime flying only, etc.

Although we try to minimize risk in remote settings by screening workers in their pre-employment and periodic medicals, Horizon is always prepared to deal with emergencies. We have extensive experience in remote settings and we have professionally managed emergency situations.

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