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Pre-employment Medicals

Pre-employment medical testing can determine whether an employee meets the physical demands of a particular job, and whether or not they can safely perform the role. Through this testing we are able to identify any health problems that could put the employee’s health and safety at risk. The examination also establishes baseline metrics, which are essential in assessing potential insurance claims, and can reduce medical costs associated with injury and illness.

Medical screening before a candidate accepts a position is an essential tool in protecting your organization and your employees. The testing can occur at a Horizon clinic, Horizon affiliate clinic, or in a Horizon mobile unit. Our commitment is that the employees or employment candidates will receive personalized care while ensuring that all testing is conducted efficiently. We are committed to operating with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. In 2016, we conducted over 60,000 pre-placement and periodic tests across a wide range of job functions.

All of our protocols can be customized to suit our clients’ needs.

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-placement medical testing can determine whether an employee meets the physical demands of a particular job, and whether or not they can safely perform the role.

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-placement medical testing can determine whether an employee meets the physical demands of a particular job, and whether or not they can safely perform the role.

Specialised medicals that we offer include:

  • CAPP/OGUK Medicals
  • Miners Medicals
  • Canadian Aviation Medical Examination
  • Diving Medicals
  • Marine Medicals
  • Seafarers Medicals

Physical Assessment Including Medical History

Our physicians and nurses have been completing physical and medical assessments for many years. They are experts in job requirements, safety concerns, and physical demands for several different industries. Our pre-placement medicals are specific to the job the candidate is being considered for. With the medical consultation it is also important to educate the candidate towards protecting themselves from job related injury.

Fitness for Duty

We have extensive experience with fitness for duty testing and have worked with several different companies in developing appropriate and legally sustainable physical testing for job positions. We utilize our professional and clinical skill set along with a computerized, evidence based and objective approach to testing potential new hires for their perspective positions.

Our staff has clinical expertise in job evaluation and can provide employers with reliable and objective measurements for the physical demands testing requirements of each job position. With this information employers are able to manage a safe and productive work force/environment by hiring candidates that are physically well suited and able to do the critical aspects of their position. Employers can also utilize this information to improve upon targeted ergonomic issues, identify opportunities for safety based improvements and assist in safe and early return to work programs.

Job Demands Analysis

Job Demand Analysis (JDAs) can be completed for a range of occupations ranging from highly physical jobs to jobs where the employee spends a majority of their time being sedentary. Each occupation faces specific physical and ergonomic challenges including forceful exertions, awkward or static postures, and high rates of repetitive movement to name a few. Our expert kinesiologists assess the workstation design, job design, equipment and tools, manual material handling, environmental factors, work organization and individual factors which may be contributing to the risk of muscular skeletal injury. Once this analysis is done, a complete report is submitted to the organization with specific actionable items to prevent any further injury.

Vision Testing

The vision tests that we conduct for our client organizations are based on the safety requirements of the position and as outlined by that organization. Our vision tests are structured to be able to identify:
• Visual acuity for left/right and both eyes
• Peripheral vision
• Depth perception
• Color vision
• Night vision

In cases where further vision testing is needed, our medical professionals will provide a recommendation with a local optometrist.

Audiometric Testing

Audiometric tests confirm whether an employee is able to perform their job functions safely in an area where adequate hearing is vital. We ensure that all health and safety legislation requirements are met along with meeting client expectations.We conduct a baseline audiogram, which must be completed within 3 months of employment. This establishes hearing thresholds prior to employment. A questionnaire is completed to distinguish past and present hearing problems.

Hearing Conservation Program

Based on the baseline audiogram, workers undergo annual testing to determine hearing shift, if there is excessive noise exposure in the workplace. We work closely with industry experienced certified audiologists that are readily available to review any “abnormal” audiometric results to provide further evaluation of candidates.

Our clients are provided with aggregate statistical information to track trending results which allow the opportunity to determine any workplace deficiencies. We also train the client’s employees on noise hazards, providing practical examples of common sources of noise and demonstrate noise induced hearing loss through audiogram visuals.

Did you know that 42% of Canadians aged 16 to 79 years have worked in an environment where it’s necessary to speak in a raised voice just to communicate with someone standing an arm’s length away? Among them, only 22% consistently used hearing protection. Post the Horizon Hearing Conservation poster in your workplace to promote the importance of hearing conservation. Click here to download.

Pulmonary Function Testing

All of our Horizon nurses and technicians are certified and fully qualified to perform pulmonary function testing with appropriate follow-up and referrals.

During a pulmonary function test, our nurses and technicians conduct spirometry to measure lung airflow, by measuring how much air is exhaled and how quickly. Spirometry can evaluate a broad range of lung diseases which is important in assessing an employee’s fitness for work, especially those that are working in higher risk positions. The test establishes a reference baseline, and to determine the ability to wear a respirator for each employee.

In the event of an abnormal pulmonary function test, we will have the physician assess and determine if further testing is required (i.e. chest x-ray). If so, we will contact the appropriate client designate and arrange the chest x-ray to be completed and examined by a physician.

Respiratory Fit Tests

At Horizon we have experience completing respiratory fit tests on a variety of respirators. Additionally, we have years of experience educating employees on donning/doffing masks as well as proper placement and care of their respirators. There are medical reasons why employees might not be able to wear specific respirators, and thus being able to recognize when specific equipment is required is essential to fit testing.

When a mask is tested, we then supply a mask fit test card detailing the appropriate size mask the employee should be wearing. Education is a key part of the respitory fit test so that we can ensure the employee understands proper and safe respirator usage.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that employees that wear a respirator should have a medical assessment completed by a medical professional and be fit tested annually.

Biological Monitoring

We are actively involved in completing large numbers of biological monitoring protocols for several of our clients. Our expertise with biological monitoring is extensive and we can effectively accommodate all requirements for biological monitoring at our client’s request.

Examples of the types of biological monitoring we are actively assessing include; Silica, Benzene, Lead, and Asbestos.

To learn more about how employees get silicosis, the different types of silicosis, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and the employer’s responsibility, download the Horizon Silicosis Information Package. Click here to download.

Pre-employment medicals can reduce the risk of injury, improve safety and maximize productivity of your employees.

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