Travel Health

At Horizon we have a long history of performing expatriation/repatriation medicals, industry specific medicals, as well as travel health services across the country. Working across various industries, we are committed to offering exemplary service and a high level of clinical excellence. We strive to ensure that all medicals and their corresponding testing are complete within one visit.

Horizon travel health clinics offer consultations and services for both employee travelers and individual travelers. All consultations are performed by either a physician or nurse who specializes in travel medicine. With up to date information about disease patterns and outbreaks, this consultation is specific to the client and the location. Patient immunization history is reviewed and the necessary vaccinations are provided. The candidate is educated on general travel precautions in terms of their health and safety.

Services offered include:
• Travel medical advice based on itineraries, personal risk and underlying health issues
• Personal advice on injury and infection prevention
• Routine required, recommended vaccinations and prescriptions for malaria prevention and self-treatment of traveler’s diarrhea
• Travel health product recommendations
• Designated yellow fever vaccination centers

Expat/Repatriation Medicals

At Horizon we often help our client with the movement of their staff from other countries to Canada. There are several ways that we help this safe movement of client’s staff.

Expatriates leaving for remote areas or for foreign assignments will require a detailed medical examination prior to departure. Often these locations have special working conditions like high altitudes or underground mines. Sometimes, the locations are overseas where access to healthcare may be limited. We offer a comprehensive medical that incorporates all these factors in all of our clinics nationally. Protocols can be designed to match the needs of the clients and the country of repatriation.

These medicals will often include the following:
• Medical history and examination
• More extensive lab work, for example: hemocult, blood type, micro urine, HIV etc.
• Stress/Resting ECG or at the very least a fitness component
• Drug testing
• Pulmonary function tests and/or chest x-ray
• Travel consultation

Once completed by our clinicians, our results department coordinates the results and sends them to the appropriate personnel. Our staff will coordinate the service from booking to completions, while providing quality medical care and excellent customer service.